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Daddy’s Business

May-7-2012 By nitrousworx

My father is into woodworks and he creates so much stuff that sometimes it is hard to accept orders from clients. I was talking to my father a week ago because a friend of mine wants to order a couple of audio racks for his new business but since my dad has so much stuff to make, I ended up helping my friend to look for a website that sells these stuff. Great thing my father referred us to this website that has a couple of nice items that my friend loved. He is a bit choosy and I am glad it passed his standards.

Visit to My Parents

Mar-22-2012 By nitrousworx

I had the chance to visit my parents alone last week and my dad and I discussed about his business and how he wants to develop the shop to be more accessible and work friendly to him and his staff. I suggested he retains most of his machines on the ground floor and replace the flooring of the basement and I let him browse somebasement flooring options where he can get some ideas from. I think the basement should be the stockroom for materials and finished wood works for delivery. He decided to put up an office on the second floor and maybe a pantry to the staff and a nicer waiting area for clients on the ground floor as well. This will be a big move, but I think it will be fruitful to the business.

New Item for the Shop

Dec-2-2011 By nitrousworx

My father asked me to look for a metal hose that he can use in the shop. You see my father is in the woodworks business and he needs the metal hose in building something apart from the wood items he usually make with his employees. Anyway, I don’t meddle with the business though I would be glad to know the ins and outs of the business, who knows, I might be able to follow my father’s footsteps but he once in a while asks me favors and I was tasked to look for the item. Glad to know I found a site and he was so happy to hear the news this morning. It must be really important!

Conversation with My Boss

Oct-31-2011 By nitrousworx

My boss told me that she is planning to start a small business but she needs a couple of nice equipment for the business, she didn’t tell me what the business will cater but she told me that she will be investing an amount of money for the business and will be starting up by the small business equipment leasing for her business. I got so curious about that and asked her where she learned about it and where can she find that kind of idea but of course, online! So I searched about it and found out about it. Maybe I can show my father in law about it, I heard he wants to put a small business too.

Job Search Online

Oct-31-2011 By nitrousworx

Scarcity of job opportunities these days are very common in almost all countries, even to first world countries like for example, the United States. Scarcity there is beyond my knowledge. Anyway, there are job search online for opportunities like Radiologic Technician Jobs and other Medical Jobs. My wife is in the medical field and I guess they are right when they say that opportunities are always there for the medical healthcare providers than any other field there is. Some friends of my wife where she works are now searching for opportunities everywhere to seek more fortune for themselves and their families, unfortunately medical personnel are really not well compensated in our country.